The freshmen achieved the scores over 500 TOEFL ITP

As part of the qualification warrant of the International English Program, School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University, during each academic year, all students will be required to sit in a standard proficiency English exam of TOEFL ITP (International Testing Program) or paper-based TOEFL.  The expected achievement prior to their graduation is the score of 550.  For the first class of the international English program, starting in 2019 with the total number of 15 students, 3 freshmen, Mr.Wasapon Sathaporn, Mr.Sivakorn Auksornnum and Mr.Chanin Sapkaew, have admirably achieved the scores over 500. In fact, among the 3 students, Mr. Wasapon Sathaporn has already satisfied the expected English proficiency level with a remarkable score of 557.  The other 2 attained the scores of 510 and 507 respectively.  The School of Liberal Arts would like to congratulate these 3 exemplary international English program students for their marvelous achievement during their first-year study.  Next year we expect that more international English program students will beat the expected TOEFL ITP score of 550. Let us present to you our topline international English program students, School of Liberal Arts.


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