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commoning as cultural practices #1

The Making of Common in Southeast Asia Series Present “Commoning as Cultural Practices # 1”

The series Co-organized by Knowledge Production Studies Initiative (KPSI), Center of Geosocial and Cultural Research for Sustainable Development (GSCR), and School of Liberal Arts (SLA), Walailak University, Thailand

in cooperation with Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute (CUSRI), and sponsored by Program Management Unit on Brainpower (PMU-B)

Date 29.03.22 Time (Thailand) 4.00 pm.

This online seminar series attempts to address diverse methods of perceiving “Southeast Asia.” Though Southeast Asia is the physical southeastern subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions south of China and south-east of the Indian subcontinent, the Southeast Asia are in question due to shared accumulations of history, politics, and social and economic justice. So, in this series, we look at how to think about Southeast Asia as a whole, whether or not there are borders, nationalities, shared history, and so on.

We hope the series will contribute to the exploration of methods, best practices, and discussion of Asian peaceful cooperation. It employs its strange method to promote intellectual effort and a new political desire to understand “Southeast Asia” in a dialogue of regional and global (south) frameworks



commoning as cultural practices #1