Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarawoot Palipoch
Acting Dean
UKPSF Certification Senior Fellow
Expertise Pathology
External contact number 0-7567-3815, 0-7567-3813-08
Internal contact number 73815, 73813-08
Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanaphas Dejpawuttikul
Acting Associate Dean/Head of Research
UKPSF Certification Fellow
Expertise Burmese History, Southeast Asian Studies, History, Comparative Politics, Ethnicities in Southeast Asia
External contact number 0-7567-2028, 0-7567-2002-3
Internal contact number 72028, 72002-3
Ajarn Kamontip Klaibanmai
Acting Associate Dean
Expertise Linguistics
External contact number 0-7567-2002-3
Internal contact number 72002-3
Asst. Prof. Dr. Patcharee Imsri
Head of English Department
UKPSF Certificate Senior Fellow
Expertise Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Integration Academics With Student Activities, Education for Community
External contact number 0-7567-2033, 0-7567-2002-3
Internal contact number 72033, 72002-3
Dr. Sirikhun Phanrangsee
Head of Chinese Department
UKPSF Certificate Fellow
Expertise Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Pragmatics, Cognitive Semantics, Chinese for business
External contact number 0-7567-2017, 0-7567-2002-3
Internal contact number 72017, 72002-3
Ajarn Theerawat Klaokliang
Head of Thai Language Department
UKPSF Certificate Fellow
Expertise Thai Literature, Verse Writing
External contact number 0-7567-2015, 0-7567-2002-3
Internal contact number 72015, 72002-3