Bachelor of Arts Program in ASEAN Studies (3+1 Program)


TH: หลักสูตรศิลปศาสตรบัณฑิต สาขาอาเซียนศึกษา (โปรแกรม 3+1)
EN: Bachelor of Arts Program in ASEAN Studies (3+1 Program)


TH: ศิลปศาสตรบัณฑิต (อาเซียนศึกษา)
EN: Bachelor of Arts (ASEAN Studies)

Philosophy and Objectivity

Bachelor of Arts Program The ASEAN Studies has a main philosophy: producing graduates who are well versed in the ASEAN or Southeast Asia region in interdisciplinary ways. Can be linked to economic, social and cultural changes of the ASEAN region for sustainability and peace.


  1. Bachelor of Arts Program ASEAN Studies aimed at developing learners to have a base of ideas and tools In thinking, analyzing and understanding the economy, society and culture in the ASEAN region including linking with the world context which leads to further application of graduates in many professional fields.
  2. Bachelor of Arts Program ASEAN Studies is a course to promote the creation of the ASEAN community through student exchange programs between universities in the ASEAN region and creating a collaborative network with international educational institutions both with the cooperation agreement with Walailak University at present and in the future.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

  1. Graduation not less than the upper secondary level according to the curriculum of the ministry of education or equivalent
  2. According to the regulations of Walailak University regarding the undergraduate study, 2017

Career path

  1. Academic and research career such as teachers, professors, researchers, translators, interpreters, etc.
  2. All forms of journalism, such as journalists, journalists, editors, documentaries Media creator, etc.
  3. Occupation in government agencies in various educational institutions, government agencies related to tourism development of communities local government organization
  4. Occupations in the business industry that take advantage of the ASEAN education curriculum, such as Utsa, service directors tourism, hotels, interpreters, language, public relations, etc.
  5. Creative career that uses ASEAN language as a tool and specialized, such as writers, poets, screenwriters, etc.

Study path

Graduates of the program can use knowledge in ASEAN to further their studies to master and doctoral degrees in many fields. Both in domestic and international universities especially in the ASEAN region By using knowledge in the ASEAN language as a passage.


Tuition fees per trimester:    13,900.- Bath
Additional tuition fees per trimester:    10,000.- Baht (For freshmen and sophomores only)
Tuition Fees for the program:    226,800.- Bath

Program structure

Total credits not less than  153 credit
A. General Education 40 credit
1) Languages 20 credit
2) Humanities & Social Science 8 credit
3) Science and Maths 8 credit
4) Integration 4 credit
5) Information 4* credit
Remark : * Not included in program structure.
B. Specific knowledge 121 credit
1) Core courses 36 credit
2) Country studies 20 credit
3) ASEAN language 36 credit
4) Specific issues 12 credit
5) Cooperative Education courses 17 credit
C. Free elective 8 credit


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