Bachelor of Arts Program in English (International Program)


TH: หลักสูตรศิลปศาสตรบัณฑิต สาขาภาษาอังกฤษ (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)
EN: Bachelor of Arts Program in English (International Program)


TH: ศิลปศาสตรบัณฑิต (ภาษาอังกฤษ) (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)
EN: Bachelor of Arts Program (English) (International Program)

Philosophy and objectives

Philosophy of importance

Bachelor of Arts Program in English (International Program), Walailak University aim to create graduates with knowledge expertise in the field and can apply knowledge in the profession effectively have analytical skills understand various social and cultural contexts. have morality and ethics.


  1. Have knowledge of English language science. Can listen and speak with English in academic topics social and professional. Summarize the thoughts and important issues from the listener correctly. Able to distinguish the type of information read in print media and online media, and able to present reports both in oral form and in writing correctly and completely. Equivalent to the level C1 (Proficient User) in accordance with international standards for language: learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR).
  2. Can apply knowledge of English linguistics in various areas such as phonetic English pronunciation and English phonology. Able to analyze the meaning and origin of words according to the English word morphology. Able to analyze the structure and meaning of phrases and sentences according to the English syntax As well as being able to analyze the evolution and change of the English language including many English world languages ​​(World Englishes).
  3. Can read, interpret, analyze and criticize literary genres, prose, poetry and English and American plays Based on relevant literary theories to understand the importance of individuals society and culture which will lead to peaceful coexistence.
  4. Able to integrate linguistic knowledge in English with other sciences including the translation of various types of texts and texts from English to Thai and Thai language in English, such as text, type, information (News and documentaries) showing feelings (novels), persuasion (speeches and speeches), as well as the translation of texts that use subject-specific vocabulary to be accurate, complete and refined as a result of understanding the language and structure of both Thai language and English.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

  1. Having knowledge and understanding of English in theory and practice. Able to apply knowledge effectively both for career and further education.
  2. Understand society and cultural differences can use English to convey meaning about various cultures.
  3. Have constant learning and self-development.
  4. Properly perform their duties in society with public mind.
  5. Be appreciative of various aesthetic aesthetics.

Career path

  1. Academic and research career such as teachers, professors, academics, researchers, translators, interpreters, etc.
  2. All forms of journalism, such as journalists, journalists, editors, documentaries Writing television plays Editorial and proofreading work Media creator, etc.
  3. Occupation in the government organization Both in educational institutions at various levels, government organizations Related to tourism development of communities Local government organizations such as sub-district administrative organizations Provincial and municipal administrative organizations Ministry of Culture Tourism Authority of Thailand, etc.
  4. Occupations in the business industry, such as the airline and tourism service industry, language interpreters, tour guides, public relations, secretaries, etc.
  5. Career creation in various forms of art that use English as a medium, such as writers, poets, translators, theater artists. Screenwriter, etc.

Study path

study for master’s degree and doctoral degree in English or other fields in all educational institutions both in Thailand and abroad.

Fees (binary system)

Tuition fees per semester:    40,600.- Bath
Tuition Fees for the program:    324,800.- Bath

Program structure

Total 136 credit
A. General Education 30 credit
1) Languages 15 credit
2) Humanities & Social Science 6 credit
3) Science and Maths 6 credit
4) Integration 3 credit
5) Information 3* credit
Remark : * Not included in program structure.
ฺB. Specific knowledge 100 credit
1) Core courses 18 credit
2) Concentration courses 42 credit
3) Specific courses 27 credit
4) Cooperative Education courses 13 credit
C. Free elective 6 credit


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