The School of Liberal Arts is a division of Walailak University that focuses on the philosophy of humanism and the culture of human rights. The goals are to train students to have good life and social skills, to be balanced, to be able to efficiently apply knowledge for living and working, to live as a quality graduate, and to be in wisdom and virtue according to the university’s identity: Walailak University strives to produce learners who are highly competitive, good, and wise people.” 

The School of Liberal Arts sets the main objectives to develop the organization towards academic excellence by focusing on integrating knowledge into research. A knowledge management mechanism aims to create new knowledge as a premier educational institution generating quality graduates from the bachelor’s degree to the graduate level. It is also the principle of conserving arts and culture for the community at the local, regional, national and international levels since 1998, which was the year the School of Liberal Arts was first established until the present.

Currently, the School of Liberal Arts offers the following undergraduate and doctorate degrees: