School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts is one of the longest established schools at Walailak University, aiming to provide quality curricula offering education in line with humanitarian philosophy and a culture of human rights. (หลักปรัชญามนุษยนิยมและวัฒนธรรมสิทธิมนุษยชน)  We aspire to create an academic atmosphere that develops students’ life and social skills to empower them to live balanced lives and to be able to apply their acquired knowledge in a working environment after graduation. Graduates from the school are equipped to serve with wisdom and ethical grounding in a competent workforce, as is clearly expressed in the university’s motto for its graduates, to be in possession of “Competence, Morality, Awareness, and Well-being”.  “เก่ง ดี มีความสุข และรู้เท่าทันโลก”

The School of Liberal Arts strives to be a center of academic excellence, integrating theoretical knowledge with research experience so as to implement knowledge management strategies likely to lead to the development of new ideas. The outcome of the learning process is the production of quality graduates at all degree levels. As a major presence in the community since 1998, the school supports the arts and promotes awareness of cultural values in their every manifestation.

Programs available at School of Liberal Arts:

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in English, English (International Program) Chinese, ASEAN Studies, and Thai Language
  • Master’s Degree in Southeast Asian Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy’s Degree in Asian Studies
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