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Study abroad Program

What is study abroad program?

Learning languages in native countries

Study abroad program is one of the academic efforts of The School of Liberal Arts to send our students to study in a native country. The main reason is that when the students have attended the class, they should be able to communicate in foreign languages before going abroad. To be a study abroad student will provide priceless opportunities to experience international environment and diverse cultures. This will also encourage the students to improve their foreign language skills to be like native speakers. Apart from this, exploring the world will benefit the students in terms of shaping their perspectives and personality to be up-to-date in a rapidly changing world.


The School of Liberal Arts has sent the students to study languages in leading educational institutions in foreign countries where we have mutual academic collaborations. By integrating the teaching and learning arrangement, language study results from host institutions can count towards the school’s foreign language courses. For example, the Chinese Program has been sending the students to study in the Republic of China.

Program fees

The School has established mutual collaborations with international institutions, which both parties have an agreement for the study abroad program fees including collecting additional fees for a mutual fund in studying at the host universities.

Co-curricular with partner universities

The Chinese Program has planned to arrange a study abroad program in the native country by sending the current students to learn language and culture in a selected country for 1-3 academic semesters. Ample experiences of studying and staying in the foreign country are improving language skills, being confident in communication, and developing knowledge in politics, society, and culture of their selected country. More importantly, studying abroad will positively shape the students’ behaviors to be enthusiastic, outstanding, and responsible, which will become competitive advantages for their future career paths.

Partner universities in foreign countries
Chinese Program
Chinese Program has established collaborations with Chinese universities in both online teaching classes and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
1. Online teaching collaborations with Chinese lecturers in below universities;

  • Guangxi Normal University 广西师范大学 Learning through watching video clips of Chinese culture which are recorded by the host university. Currently, there are 20 students of Chinese Program enrolled.
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 上海财经大学  Learning through Face-to-Face online classes, there are 35 students of Chinese Program enrolled.
  • Jilin University 吉林大学  Learning through Face-to-Face online classes 4 hours a week, there are 67 students of Chinese Program enrolled and already completed.
  • Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU)北京语言大学 Learning through Face-to-Face online classes for student ID. 62 who are required to study in China for 1 academic year. 31 students of Chinese Program have already completed.
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 上海财经大学  The University has granted Chinese Government Scholarship to enroll in online Chinese language course. Previously, 5 students from 3rd and 4th year were granted the scholarships.

2. Chinese Program has developed academic collaborations in MOU with 2 universities in China. One of the objectives is to search for the partner universities to host our in-country program’s students to study in China. These 2 universities are; 


At the moment, the Chinese Program, The School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University has been negotiating with JILIN UNIVERSITY SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY of FINANCE AND COMMERCE to establish additional academic collaboration in MOU. 

Furthermore, there are some Chinese students in the program of teaching Chinese to foreigners from XI’AN UNIVERSITY who have participated in online internship with the Chinese Program, The School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University.

English Program
Apart from usual teaching and learning arrangement, the English Program is planning to launch an international English language program in academic year 2020. Currently, Walailak University operates the Walailak University Language Institute, which has qualified foreigners who are ready to be part of this program.

Postgraduate Program
The Program aims to encourage our postgraduate students to experience from research and exchange student and researcher programs in both domestic universities and international universities.

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